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IWelcome Rohingya Refugees – give a missed call at 9699221662 to pledge your support!

Over 400000 Rohingya refugees have fled persecution from Myanmar. India plans to deport 40,000 who are already here.

For decades, the Rohingya people in Myanmar have lived through discrimination and violence. Now, they face a planned and targeted campaign of ethnic cleansing. Reports are flooding in of killings and the burning down of entire villages to the ground by security forces. Over 400,000 Rohingya refugees – most of them women and children – have fled for their lives in recent weeks. It is the world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis.
Amnesty has started IWelcome Rohingya Refugees petition.


Give a missed Call to 9699221662 Now!

Yet the Indian government wants to block the entry of Rohingya refugees into India, and expel about 40,000 Rohingya already in the country. It calls them “illegal immigrants” and a “security threat”.

Act now to say #IWelcome Rohingya refugees. Sign the petition below or give a missed call at 9699221662.


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