Chrome Extensions Do u Know? General Tutorials

10 Must Have Chrome Extensions Plugins on Every System

Check out Best 10 Chrome Extensions :

1. Bored of Ads on Websites? Check Adblock.
2. Find Instant Meaning of a Word on browser, Check Google Dictionary.
3. Spending More Time Browsing useless stuff? Check Limitless.
4. Want to Enlarge thumbnails on mouse over, Check Hover Zoom.
5. Want to Save Text Instantly?, Immensely fastly? Check Write Space.
6. Want to Save Bookmarks,Videos etc., ? Check Pocket
7. Want to capture webpage, Save & Edit? Check Webpage Screenshot
8. Do want to be Get Tracked by Websites? Check DoNotTrackMe
9. Are you a ToDoist? Check Todoist
10. Love Watching Videos on Youtube? Check Turn off the Lights