Wrap bananas with Plastic wrap
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16 Best Food Storage Hacks to Last Longer

By knowing proper food storage hacks or techniques you can make the shelf-life of Food last longer and keep them healthy to eat. This can also give you a quick access for the food items when you are in a hurry in the kitchen and also save few bucks.

Food Storage Hacks

1. Cut Lemon :

Keeping half of lemon in the Fridge turns out smelly and less juicy within 2 days, but to make it last longer just wrap the cut surface with aluminium foil before keeping it in the box and it safe for at least 4 days.

2. Green Chilly:

Firstly Wash them properly then separate their stems and remove the moisture content with a cloth. Store them in a box in the Fridge/Refrigerator.

Green Chilly last longer hack technique
Keeping a paper towel at the base absorbs extra moisture, This makes it last for many more days than just keeping them in a polythene bag.

3. Store Potatoes and Apples Together:

Don’t store potatoes and onions together the fumes that each release actually make them go bad faster, But if you store potatoes with apples then they’ll last longer. Potatoes do best in a cool dry place like the bottom of the pantry.

4. Wrap Bananas top with Plastic wrap:

Wrap bananas with Plastic wrap

Everyone loves bananas to make it last longer just wrap the top of the Bananas in a plastic wrap.

5. Freeze the Eggs to last longer:

If you are on holiday and to keep your eggs fresh keep them into an ice cube container and just sprinkle little salt or sugar on each egg to prevent freezer damage, and eggs will last longer.

6. Keep Ginger Fresh By Storing in the Freezer

7. Peanuts or Gr oundnuts:

If you are worried that those big bags of nuts might spoil and go waste, dry roast them and then gently remove their outer part. Store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. This will be good for several months without spoiling.

However, if you like to have them raw, the best option is to store them in an airtight box in the freezer.

8. Store leafy greens with a paper towel:

Before putting your salad greens into the fridge, put a piece of paper towel in the box or container to absorb any moisture that accumulates, which can help delay the natural wilting process.

9. Delay Tomato Rotting:

To avoid rotting of tomatoes, put them stem end down to shield them from getting ruined. This keeps the air from entering. Instead of storing them in the refrigerator, keep them at room temperature for a longer shelf life.

10. How to Check Freshness of Eggs:

Gently put raw eggs in a bowl of cool water to check whether they’ve turned sour. If the egg sinks to the base, it’s an OK. If it drifts, it isn’t fresh.

11. Keep mushrooms in a paper bag:

Paper bags keep mushrooms much more efficiently than the usual plastic tubs. Moisture is a slime sentence for mushrooms, so storing them this way keeps them clean and dry.

12. Make Bread Last Longer:

Keep fresh bread at room temperature which should be around 20^C. Keep out of direct sunlight in a cool and dry place, like your cupboard or bread box. After 2-3 days, keep any leftover bread in the freezer to avoid getting any more moisture. Then take out a slice or two and pop in the toaster whenever you want.

13. Make Peanut Butter Last Longer:

Flip natural varieties upside down to allow the pool of oil near the lid to move through the rest of the jar and make the peanut butter creamier, Just make sure the cap is screwed on tight to avoid a greasy pantry shelf.

14. Flour to Last Longer:

Keep whole wheat flour chilled because of High oil levels in the wheat germ can make this baking staple go rancid if kept in the pantry too long. If you use it infrequently, store in an airtight container in the fridge, where it can last 2-4 months.

15. Keep Coconut Fresh:

Keep Coconut fresh by freezing

If you want to preserve fresh coconut for a month, then keep cut coconut in a zip lock bag and remove extra air and seal it and just Place it in the freezer.

16. Garlic:

If you left with peeled garlic and want to use whenever needed, keep them in a box with a paper towel at the base. It will last for at least 10 days.

Extra Tip:
For Left over foods:
Pack the Left over foods in air tight container to avoid microbial contamination.