1800110420 1800110420 toll free number 1963 Do u Know? Messages tollfree number 1800110420

1800110420 or 1963 Toll Free Number for Wrong International Calls

If you receive any International call and the person is asking your personal details or bank details don’t give them they are frauds.
Call the Toll Free number 1800110420 or 1963 to inform about wrong calls.

Recently I received a message as well, I guess this has been sent by DoT Department of Telecom

Dear Customer, while receiving international calls, if local or STD or no number displayed on your phone, please inform on 1963 or Toll free number 1800110420

DoT has asked people to alert them on toll-free number 1800110420 or 1963 if they received international phone calls through local phone numbers.