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25 Hidden Skype Emoticons You Never Know

Skype is a free voice over IP service and IM client, as of till date Skype has over 850 million users across the world. Skype has some real cool and fun Hidden Emticons, many people never know these, the emoticons includes from drunk to film to swear to punch, check below hidden list of skype emoticons.

Broken Heartskype-brokenheart(u) (U)
Punch skype-punch emoticon(punch)
Drunkskype drunk emoticon(drunk)
Callskype call emoticon(call)
HeadBangskype headbang emoticon(headbang) (banghead)
Bugskype bug emoticon(bug)
Email skype email emoticon(e) (m)
Filmskype film emoticon(film) (movie)
Fingerskype finger emoticon(finger)
Finger Crossedskype finger crossed emoticon(fingerscrossed)
Facepalm skype facepalm emoticon(facepalm)
Awesome Legsskype awesome legs emoticon(hollest)
Mooning skype moooning emoticon(mooning)
Phoneskype phone emoticon(ph) (mp)
Pool Partyskype-poolparty(poolparty)
Rock skype-rock(rock)
Soccer Football skype-soccer-footvall-icon(soccer)
Swear skype-swear emoticon(swear)
Time Clockskype-time-clock(clock) (time) (o)
Toivo skype-toivo(toivo)
Work from Homeskype-workingfromhome-smiley-emoticon(wfh)
What the Fuckskype-wtf(wtf)
Zilmer skype-zilmer(zilmer)

If you know any other Skype Emoticon then please write in the comments section. Happy Skyping!