Do u Know? General Google Tricks Tricks

25 Plus Google Search Tricks You Never Know

Below are few useful Google Search Tricks, have a look and make your search result faster.

Google Search Tricks

1. To Know IP Address of your computer Just Type My Ip Address in Google search. You will get your Public Ip Address.

2. To know Current value of 1$ in INR.
Type 1$ to INR – in Google search, you can also do with all country currencies types.

3. To know Current Weather in a particular city.

Type weather in pune – in Google search, here replace pune with any other city name.

4. To know what movies are running your city.

Type Movies for mumbai – in Google search, replace mumbai with whatever city name.

5. To know what is the current time in a particular city across the world.

Type Time in hyderabad – in Google search, replace hyderabad with any other city

6. For doing calculations simply enter the numbers with particular operation

E.g., 1325 * 58 + 47 / 5 = 76859.4

7. You can do measurements in an instant of time.

Type Convert 40 km to miles – in Google, click on the dropdown for more operations

8. To know festival dates simply enter Diwali 2022 in Google.

9. Type binary in Google search you get a long list of binary numbers.

10. Type do a barrel roll – your google search page will do a barrel roll.

11. Type kerning and see what happens between the word kerning, each letter is separated with a space.

12. Type Once in a blue moon, you will get a calculated value.

13. Type Tilt, you page will shakeup.

14. Type Zerg Rush – in Google search, you can see small circles passing over the page and erasing the content on the page.

15. Type “Google Pacman” in Google search you will get reverse values.

16. Type in Google search “Google Gravity” and wait a sec to experience the effect of gravity.

17. Type in Google search “French Military Victories” and press “I’m feeling lucky”.

18. Type in Google search “elgoog” and the Mirror effect is on.

19. Type in Google search “Google Sphere” and see the spinning effect.

20. Type in Google search “find Chuck Norris” (A must search keyword for al Chuck Norris Fans :D).

21. Type in Google search “who is the cutest” and see who’s so cute and beautiful/handsome.

22. Type in Google search “Google Loco” and see what’s moving.

23. Type in Google search “LOL Limewire” and see that you are as a pirate.

24. Type in Google search “Epic Google”, you will get old Google epic page.

25. Type in Google search “Rainbow google”, “Annoying Google”, “Google Magic”,”Google color” (Ex: pink,blue), “Early Google”, “Google Heart Page”.