3 Unknown Gmail Facts You are Not Aware of

Ever since gmail came into existence from 2004 it became a default email mailing service provider for most of the internet starters.

Today I will share you 3 unknown gmail facts.

3 Unknown Gmail Facts You are Not Aware of

Unknown Gmail Facts

1. Firstname.Lastname@gmail.com is Equal to FirstnameLastname@gmail.com.

For E.g., Vivek.anand@gmail.com == Vivekanand@gmail.com

You can also sign in with either of account i.e., without .(dot) also you can able to sign in.

2. After your gmail you can append any name.

E.g., Vivekanand+coolguy@gmail.com is same as Vivekanand@gmail.com

3. Your gmail has 2 addresses gmail and googlemail.

E.g., Vivekanand@gmail.com and Vivekanand@googlemail.com
both are same email addresses.

So what are your waiting for go and test yourself!

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