Best Tips to Get Better Bike Mileage

7 Best Tips to Get Better Bike Mileage

If you are a bike rider and would like to get better mileage from your bike then check below Best Tips to Get Better Bike Mileage and reduce fuel cost and save money from your pocket. Also don’t forget to see the instruction for new bikes at the end of the article.

Best Tips to Get Better Bike Mileage

1. Servicing:

Always do bike servicing at right time, An engine in a bike is the heart for a two wheeler machine. So try to make sure it stays healthy. The better way to achieve it is keep a record over service manual and look up into the brand booklet as when it is recommended to go for a new service.

2. Good Quality Engine Oil

If your bike engine oil quality is of cheap quality then your bike will be less fuel efficient, Always go for some better oils and the ones that are recommended as per engine configurations.

Best Tips to Get Better Bike Mileage

3. Stay tuned to mechanics

I am sure here you will be asking me virtually as what do we know about mechanics and how to apply same on our bike. A simple answer to your question goes as follows: Don’t twist the throttle at sudden, let bike gain velocity by applying average acceleration. Also avoid playing with speed; never engage brakes at sudden to roll down speedo needle at once. Ride at uniform speeds!

4. Ride when Engine is Warm

Make sure you ride your bike when its engine is warm. No doubt you can not make sure that bike engine remains warm all the time, but you can organize your trip in better ways. Always remember, a cold engine consumes more fuel than a warmer one.

5. Correct Tyre Pressue

Tyre’s don’t only ride your machine but they play a role in balancing fuel consumption too. Maintain correct tyre pressures on both ends. And the pressure units should be same as that prescribed over motorcycle booklet they are also written on fuel tank.

6. Driving Road Selection

Always select the route that offers lesser number of bumps, fewer traffic lights and uniform road to maintain speed. If it is not the short cut to your destiny, still prefer it as it will save your time as well as fuel. More miles spent in much efficient way will dominate lesser miles in low efficient manner.

7. Turn off Engine in Traffic

Switch off the engines at halts like traffic lights, these days almost all bikes are equipped with self start so a rider will hardly mind to click a switch to get his bike started and it will surely affect mileage in better way.

Note for New Bikes:

If you are riding a new Bike as per the experts you should never ride you bike more than 60 KMPH speed for the first 1000 kilometers and also the first two bike servicing should we done at the correct time.

One more thing..!

You should not expect more mileage than a bike is capable of offering, For example a bike with curb weight of 150 kgs will offer much better mileage than a bike with higher curb weight. Also an engine with higher displacement will offer low mileage than a low displacement engine. So opt for a bike that suits your demands and later there shouldn’t be any searches to increase mileage more and more.