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7 Unique Android Apps You Might Never Heard

1. Ping App : Ping is unique productivity app where you will get information about your favourite topic by a simple notification.
Check Ping App on PlayStore.

2. Secret App: Secret is a social speak freely app, where you can Share anonymously with friends, co-workers and people nearby. Find out what your friends are really thinking and feeling. Write back anonymously. and a unique thing is When people love your secret, it spreads to their friends and can travel around the world.
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3. Pocket App : Pocket is kind of save for later, where you can Save articles, news stories, blog posts, videos, recipes, and any web links that you find online or from your favorite apps.
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4. Chatimity App : Chatimity is a social chat room app, where meeting new friends is just a conversation away. You can chat with people, who share similar interests around the globe, within your country, your state or even your own city.
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5. Body Scanner App : Body Scanner is a entertainment Free Prank app, it is designed to trick your friends that you can see under their clothes! The rules of Body Scanner Free are quite simple: you will see on the screen enlarged photo of a monkey or skeleton.
Check Body Scanner App on PlayStore 

6. Siren App : Siren is casual app which makes irresistible sound, Sometimes somebody needs a good siren blast to get going. This fun Android app is also good for parties, sporting events, silencing those who talk too much.
Check Siren App on PlayStore 

7. Toshl App : Toshl is a Finance Budget & Expense App where you can track expenses and incomes with ease.
Check Toshl App on PlayStore 

If you have come across any Unique Android App, Share across  with us in below comments, we will update the post.