Things You Should Avoid Doing on Your Android Smartphone
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8 Things You Should Avoid Doing on Android Smartphone

Currently, Android Mobile Operating System Market Share Worldwide is more than in 70% and it is going to increase going forward, let’s see below 8 things that you should never do or Avoid Doing on Your Android Smartphone device.

Avoid Things on Android Smartphone

Batter Saver Apps

#1. Never ever use any Battery saver Android apps or any booster apps, it just slows down your Android device.

Background Apps

#2. Don’t unnecessarily clear Background Apps on the Android phone, because background apps never use too much processing power, But if you close the app and open it again, it will take more processing power of the phone and it can really make your phone slow.

Over Charging

#3. Don’t overcharge the smart phone, It can cause battery to overheat and damages your phone battery, and Don’t play games while you are charging the phone.

Thrid Party Apps

#4.Never Ever install apps from 3rd party source provider. Many people download apps from other 3rd party sources or websites so that they can get paid apps for free. Google play store apps are more safe and secure but 3rd party apps are not secure. It can have virus ormalware and can even steal your personal data information.

Things You Should Avoid Doing on Your Android Smartphone

Charger Brands

#5. Don’t use different brand charger to charge your smartphone. If you want to do in emergency check the input and output of Ampere on the charger. Other brand chargers reduces phone battery lifetime.

Antivirus App

#6. Generally Android Phones doesnt require Antivirus Apps, Never install Antivirus app in Android phone. You dont require antivirus apps as you are downloading apps from trusted sources or Google Play Store.

Rooting Smartphone

#7. Avoid Rooting or Jailbreaking the phone unnecessarily, it will have software issues or phone may not work properly.

Apps permissions

#8. Don’t always allow apps to access your data.

For example, if You have installed a video player app and if it ask permission to access SMS Message, then dont give the access, because Why a video player app need SMS Message permission on the phone?

Hope you follow above Things and make Your Android Smartphone life better.