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How to Activate Bank of Maharashtra UPI App

If you are Bank of Maharashtra customer and would like to register for UPI Payments using UPI Mobile App then follow below steps, by using the Maha UPI app you can map bank account to payment, create UPI address, Send money, request money, transaction history and other details.

Activate Bank of Maharashtra UPI

1. First download Maha UPI app from Play Store here.
2. Open app choose send an SMS option f or Mobile Number Validation.
3. Now Set Application Password with 4 digits password, upon sucessful you can see dashboard for Send Money, Request Money,Payment Address, Transaction History.
4. Now in order to use send money, request money, you need to create payment address whiich is mandatory, click on Payment Address icon to create e.g.
5. Now you need to Map Bank Account with Payment Address, select bank from the UPI Enabled bank list.
6. You need to set MPIN, after this you can send or receive money.

If you want more information on Set MPIN/Mobile Banking Registration,Change Application Password,Update Security Question, Manage Favourite Payee,Delete Payment Address, Deregister Application,Change MPIN or for any Complaints you can refer this link