allahabad bank locker charges annual charges locker size open locker
Allahabad Bank Locker Charges

Allahabad Bank Locker Charges Deposit Annual Charges Locker Size and Other Details

If you are an Allahabad Bank customer and would like to details of security deposit locker like registration, rent charges, locker size then this article will help you, lets see below in detail.

Allahabad Bank Locker Charges

How to Open Allahabad Bank Locker?

Visit Allahabad bank branch where you have account and write an application for opening a deposit locker. Carry your bank account passbook and other account details.

You need to do Locker registration charge for opening a locker this is one time charge, and the Registration charges varies based on the locker size. For Small Rs 300, for medium/large Rs 700 and for extra large lockers Rs 1000 are the registration charges.

Annual Locker Rent Charges

Locker price varies based on the size of the locker and the location of the locker For Metro/Urban Branch and Semi Urban/Rural Branch locker charges varies.

Allahabad Bank Locker Size

allahabad bank locker charges based on size and location

Free Locker Visits

In a year 15 free visits you can do and after that Rs 100 per visit is charged. There is no limit on paid visits to the locker.

Only the locker owner and the name mentioned while opening the locker is allowed to the locker room.

allahabad bank locker charges annual charges locker size open locker

What to do incase of lost locker keys?

Loss of Locker Keys

If you have lost your Allahabad bank locker keys then you need to pay Locker rent of one year + actual cost of repairing .

Penalty Charges for not paying annual charges for Small & medium Rs 70, for large Rs 100, for VL & EL Rs 160 per quarter is charged.

Any default or not maintaining the requisite balance in the Account will attract penalty charges.

How to Add a member name to Security Locker?

For any addition, deletion or modification of name to the locker then Rs 150 is charged.

The locker rents are to be paid in the first Quarter of the financial year which is within 30th June.

Note: For Allahabad bank employees there is 50% off on the Locker registration charge.