AU Bank Daily Withdrawal Limit from ATM using ATM Debit Card
ATM Card Daily Withdrawal Limit

AU Small Finance Bank Daily Withdrawal Limit from ATM

If you are a AU Small Finance Bank customer and would like to know how much cash you can withdraw in day using your AU Bank ATM cum debit card then it depends on the debit card type you have, see below AU Bank Daily Withdrawal Limit and Charges.

AU Bank Daily Withdrawal Limit

Currently AU Small Finance Bank issues 6 types of debit cards for its customers. They are Rupay Classic Debit Card, Rupay Platinum Debit Card, Visa Business Debit Card, Visa Business Platinum Debit Card, Visa Gold debit card, Visa Platinum ATM Card.

AU Bank Daily Withdrawal Limit from ATM using ATM Debit Card

AU Bank Rupay Card Withdrawal Limit

For Rupay Classic Debit Card daily withdrawal limit from any bank ATM is Rs 10,000 and for POS/online transaction limit is Rs 10,000. And also you can make Rs 20,000 ATM fund transfers per day.

For Rupay Platinum ATM Card daily ATM withdrawal limit is Rs 20,000 and for POS/online/ecomm transactions limit is Rs 20,000.

AU Bank Visa Card Withdrawal Limit

For Visa Gold ATM Card: Daily withdrawal limit is Rs 75,000 and daily POS purchase limit is Rs 75,000.

For Visa Platinum ATM Card: Daily cash withdrawal limit is Rs 2,00,000 and daily POS /online transactions limit is Rs 2,00,000.

For AU Business Platinum Card: Withdrawal limit from ATM is Rs 2,00,00 and same for purchase/POS transactions.

For AU Bank Visa Business Card: Cash withdrawal limit is Rs 1,00,000 and for daily purchase or POS transactions limit is Rs 1,00,000.

Note: If you have a Bachpan Savings account then daily withdrawal limit is Rs 5,000 for cash and purchase transactions.

AU Bank ATM Free Transactions Limit

In AU Bank AUFSB ATM’s you can make unlimited transactions both financial and non financial.

If you are withdrawing cash at other bank ATM’s then For Gold Cards free 5 transactions per month, and for Platinum cards 10 free transactions per month.

After the free transactions limit Rs 20 for Financial transaction and Rs 8 for non financial transaction will be charged.

In single transaction you can withdraw Rs 10,000 cash.

Cash Withdrawal in AU Bank branches is free of charge.