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Some Useful Measurements

1cm = 10mm 1mitre = 100cm 1Km = 1000mitres 1kg = 1000grams 1gram= 1000milligram(mg) 1Quintal = 100Kg 1Metric ton = 1000Kg 1Pound = 454gm 1litre = 1000ml 1kilo litre=1000litres 1Gallon = 3.79litres 1Barrel oil= 163.65litres 1cusec = 1 cubic feet of water flows through a point in one second( this measure used only for flowing […]


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Meaning of Safarnama

Safarnama Meaning Safarnama or Safarnaama is a Persian Word which means a Travelogue. also spelled as safarnameh, it is a travel literature written during the 11th century by Nasir Khusraw (1003-1077). It is also known as the Book of Travels and was a work that shaped the future of classical Persian travel. Safarnaama song in […]


What is Meaning of frog in the well

Frog in the well is a Chinese idiom which means a person who is a narrow or close minded person. Also like a narrow perspective, one which is self centric. A frog which lives in the well feels like it is the only world and nothing else exist. or it can be also referred as […]