Axis Mutual Fund WhatsApp Service to Know Balance, Account statement, SIP Status and Others Details

If you are investing with Axis Mutual Fund then here is a good news Axis Mutual Fund has started WhatsApp service for its customers where by using WhatsApp you can know your Axis Mutual fund details.

Axis Mutual Fund WhatsApp Service

How to Register Axis Mutual Fund WhatsApp Service

From your registered mobile number Send a text as “Hi” to 7506771113, you will instantly receive a reply back on your WhatsApp like below.


Now using the WhatsApp Service You can know Details like below.

axis mf whatsapp options

1. NAV
2. Valuation
3. Account statement
4. Purchase status
5. Redemption status
6. Logging a complaint/Query/Request
7. Transactions

Now For example you want to Know Account Statement then in WhatsApp Chat just type 3

It will ask for “Please enter Folio”

Now enter your Axis Mutual Fund Folio Number say : 91049405552

Now the WhatsApp Chat bot will ask like below.

Select from one of the following options (eg. 2)
1. Current financial year
2. Previous financial year
3. Since inception
4. Last one month

Now choose the one you want example 1.

It will reply like below.

Axis Mf: SOA Sent to Registered Email ID

In case you do not receive the email, you can get statement on SMS. Please SMS to 9212010033 from your registered mobile number.

Axis Mf: Do you require statement for same Folio or another Folio

1. Same Folio
2. Another Folio
3. Go to Main Menu
4. Exit

so it is very easy now to know your mutual fund details by WhatsApp all thanks to Axis MF WhatsApp service.

Note: Axis Mutual Fund Service Number 7506771113 is free of Charge.