Bank of India Locker Charges Deposit Charges How to open Locker
Bank of India Locker Charges

Bank of India Locker Charges Deposit Charges How to open Locker and Other Details

If you are a Bank of India customer and would like to open a security deposit locker to safeguard your assets then see below how to open a deposit locker and price and size of the locker based on the area you live. Check below for Bank of India Locker Charges and other details.

Bank of India Locker Charges

Firstly, lets see how to open a safe deposit locker in Bank of India.

How to Open Bank of India Locker

Visit your home branch of BOI and fill an application to open a locker and submit then you need to pay 1 year rent as deposit charges for opening a locker. And you need below documents

1. KYC documents
2. Passport size Photograph
3. Current or Savings account
4. Security Deposit
5. Locker Agreement

BOI Locker Charges

Currently bank of India 11 types of safe deposit lockers and the price charges varies based on the location, see below.

Annual Locker Rent Charges:

In Metro and Urban Areas:

Locker Type A – Rs 1250 Per Year
B – Rs 1500 Per Year
C – Rs 2600 Per Year
D – Rs 2600 Per Year
E – Rs 2800 Per Year
F – Rs 6000 Per Year
G – Rs 6000 Per Year
H – Rs 6000 Per Year
H1 – Rs 2800 Per Year
L – Rs 8000 Per Year
L1 – Rs 8000 Per Year

In Semi Urban & Rural Areas:

For Locker Type A – Rs 1000 Per Year
B – Rs 1100
C – Rs 1700
D – Rs 1700
E – Rs 2200
F – Rs 5000
G – Rs 5000
H – Rs 5000
H1 – Rs 2000
L – Rs 7000
L1 – Rs 7000

Note: If you paying advance for 2 years or more then you get 10% discount.

Important: For Bank of India Staff/Employees locker charges will be less than normal customers.

Bank of India Locker Charges Deposit Charges How to open Locker

Bank of India Free Locker Visits

In one year you can visit your BOI locker 12 times for free.

After 12 free visits completed Rs 100 is charged for each visit to locker.

Timings: The Hirer can operate the Safe Deposit Locker only on Bank’s working days and during business hour.

Lost BOI Locker Keys

If you have lost your BOI safe deposit locker keys then immediately report to BOI branch.

For Loss of key / Drill Rs 1000 is charged.

Locker Penal Charges for overdue rent:

Upto first quarter: 10% of annual rent.
Upto two quarters: 25%
Upto three quarters: 40%
Upto four quarters: 50%.

More than one year then 100% of annual rent.