Bank of Maharashtra Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit and ATM Debit Card Charges

If you are a Bank of Maharashtra customer and would like to know how much cash you can withdraw in a day using your Bank of Maharashtra debit card then it depends the type of account and debit card you have, check below for BOM daily ATM withdrawal limit.

Bank of Maharashtra Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit

BOM Daily Withdrawal Limit

Mahabank currently issues 2 types of ATM cum debit cards to its customer Visa and Rupay debit cards.

For both the Debit card types Daily cash withdrawal limit is Rs 20,000 and daily shopping or pos/internet transaction limit is Rs 25,000 for normal savings account customers.

If you are a Mahabank Royal Account customer then Rs 50,000 withdrawal limit from ATM and Rs 50000 for point of sales pos transactions.

Bank of Maharashtra BOM Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit and Debit Card Charges

Bank of Maharashtra Debit Card Charges

How many Free Withdrawals Can be made?

In Bank of Maharashtra ATM you can do unlimited ATM transactions.

For other bank ATMs in a month you can do five free cash withdrawal transactions from saving accounts.

After free withdrawal Rs 20 will be charged per transaction.

If you are withdrawing cash in Abroad/Foreign countries then Rs 100 per transaction in USA and Rs 105 per transaction in other countries will be charged.

How much cash you can Withdraw in Single transaction?

In both BOM ATM and other bank ATMs you can withdraw Rs 10,000 in a single transaction.

You can only make 4 transactions in a day using your Bank of Maharashtra International Debit Card.

What are the charges for issuing of a Debit Card?
There are no charges for issuing a debit card.

After First year annual maintenance charges of Rs. 100 + GST is applicable.

Above is not valid for Mahabank Royal Saving account holders.

Note: If you are a current account customer then all cash withdrawal transactions through other Bank ATMs are chargeable at Rs 20 per cash withdrawal.