Bharat Gas WhatsApp Service Number 1800224344 to Book Cylinder queries details
Bharat Gas WhatsApp Service

Bharat Gas WhatsApp Number Service to Book Cylinder LPG Pay Request for Services and Other Details

If you are a Bharat Gas customer then now by Using Bharat Gas WhatsApp Service you can book or refill your Bharat Gas Cylinder, Pay for the Cylinder, Request for Services, BPCL Products and Other services by just a WhatsApp Service. All you need to do is just send a WhatsApp message from your registered mobile number to Bharat Gas WhatsApp Booking Number.

Bharat Gas WhatsApp Number

Bharat Gas WhatsApp Service Number 1800224344 to Book Cylinder queries details

First add this Official Bharat Gas Booking WhatsApp number 1800224344 on your mobile phone contacts and save it with any Name say Bharat Gas WhatsApp Number.


You can skip the above step and directly chat with BharatGas WhatsApp Chatbot using the Below link.

Now just send a Hi message on WhatsApp.

It will ask you to choose your desired language, and select language by entering the number.

Now it will show the list of services that can be done using Bharat Gas WhatsApp Service.

Bharat Gas WhatsApp Service List

I am Urja, your personal assistant.
I can help you with queries regarding the following.
1 Book Cylinder
2 Pay for Booked Cylinder
3 Loyalty Programs & Offers
4 Find BPCL near you

5 BPCL Products
6 Product Price
7 Register as New Customer
8 Request for Services

9 Contact Us
10 Other Queries
11 Feedback
12 A अ அ అ અ ਪ ب অ ଓ ಅ അ

Now to book Bharat Gas Cylinder or Refill Cylinder simply Reply as 1 in Whatsapp chat and you will get a reply like below for booking confirmation.

We have received your refill order. Your Booking No. 165673 is confirmed for Consumer Number 10000000023073921 at New MODERN GAS. The cylinder will be delivered to you soon

You can type ‘menu’ or ‘hi’ to come back to the main options

Now to Pay for Booked Bharat Gas Cylinder just enter 2 and chatbot will reply with payment modes.

To know your Bharat Gas LPG ID or Distributor Details or Consumer Number chose Number 8 option Request for Services

Now choose the BharatGas Services option and then choose your desired option.

To know LPG ID just reply with 1 and it will send like below message.

Your LPG ID is 10000000023023458.

To Contact Customer Care just enter 9

To give feedback choose number 11 and send.