BHIM Cashback Offers

BHIM App Annonuces Cashback Offers for its Customers and Merchants

National Payments Corporation of India announces Cashback offers for Customers and Merchants who transact using BHIM App. When a BHIM customer first joins and completes a first 1st financial successful transaction means Send money to other BHIM app users then he will get a cash back of Rs 51.

BHIM Cashback Offers

Below are Cashback offers for Customers:

Send more than Rs 1 and get Rs 51 Cashback for first time

Send money or Make a transaction of more than Rs 100 and get assured Rs 25 Cashback on every unique transaction like VPA/UPI ID, Account Number or Mobile Number.
You can earn only upto Rs 500 per month which means for only Rs transactions a month you can earn cashback of Rs 25.

E.g., 5 Transaction of more than Rs 100 you get Rs 125 as Cashback from BHIM

BHIM Cashback Offers

BHIM Cashback Scheme Offers for More Rs 10

Above offer is for Rs 100 and above and if you make a transaction value of Rs 10 and above, transactions like Send money or Pay using BHIM App, you can get cashback as given below :

If more than 25 transactions but less than 50 transactions a month you get Rs 100 cashback
If more than 50 transactions but less than 100 transactions a month you get Rs 200 cashback
If more than 100 transactions a month you get Rs 2500 cashback.

Download BHIM App Here on Google Play.

BHIM Merchant Cashback Offers

BHIM Merchants will get upto Rs 1000 cashback every month.

BHIM merchants who are receiving payments via BHIM/BHIM UPI app will be eligible for the Cashback of 10% of the transaction value with an upper cap of Rs 50 per transaction.

Minimum credit transactions of more than 10 and minimum transaction value to be greater than Rs 25.

Any bank merchant receiving payment through the BHIM/BHIM UPI app will receive cashback of 10% of transaction value with an upper cap of Rs 50.