Canara Bank ATM Withdrawal Limit Per Day ATM Card Transaction Charges and Debit Card Charges

Canara bank is the fourth largest Public sector bank in India, and if you would like to know how much you can withdraw from you Canara bank ATM card is it depends on the ATM card or Debit card that you have, check below for Canara Bank ATM Withdrawal Limit Per Day and how much money can be withdrawn from canara bank atm in a day.

Canara Bank ATM Withdrawal Limit Per Day

canara bank atm withdrawal limit per day atm card transaction charges debit card charges

Canara bank has 4 types of ATM cards or Debit cards they are Canara Bank Classic/Standard Debit Card, Canara Bank Debit Platinum Card, Canara Business Debit card and Canara Campus Debit card.

Canara Bank ATM Withdrawal Limit

For Canara Bank Standard ATM Card

Daily Cash Withdrawal at ATMs is Rs 40,000 and for POS/Ecomm or Merchant Transactions Limit is Rs 1,00,00 per day.

Canara bank RuPay debit card daily withdrawal limit is Rs 40000 for Standard Card.

For Canara Bank Classic Debit Card

Daily withdrawal limit is Rs 40,000 and Rs 1,00,000 for POS transactions.

Note: Above withdrawal limit is for all Visa/MasterCard/RuPay ATM cum Debit Cards.

For Canara Bank Platinum Debit Card daily withdrawal limit is 50,000 and for purchase transactions Rs 2,00,000 in a day.

For Canara corporate card Cash withdrawal limit for the Main Card is up to 50% of the card limit, and maximum of Rs 5 lakhs.

Canara Bank Debit Card Charges

For first year Canara bank Debit Card is free and from second year Rs 120 of Annual fee is charged.

For Canara Bank Platinum Debit Card in addition to annual fee, there is Card Inactivity Fee, if the card is not used for a minimum of Rs 50,000 for purchase in a period of 12 months, the Card Inactivity Fee is Rs. 300 + service tax.

Issuance Fee for EMV Chip Card is Rs 250.

For Hotlist / duplicate card on account of loss of card is Rs 200

Canara Bank Card Replacement charges are Rs 200 + service tax

Canara Bank ATM Transaction Charges

If you withdraw cash at any Canara Bank ATMs then there is no Transaction charges, and for cash or money withdrawals at other Bank ATMs you will be charged around Rs 20 after 5 free transactions are over.

Canara bank provides 3 free ATM withdrawal transactions in other bank ATM’s in metro cities and in non metro cities free 5 ATM transactions you can do.

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