Check Google Home History on My Google Activity
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How to Check Google Home History of Google Home and Home Mini Product

If you own a Google Home or Home mini and want to know the Google Home history like what things played or what questions asked on Google Home, just follow below steps to know. Google Home History You can check the Google Home History in 2 ways, one using Google account and in Google Home […]

How to Enable 2 Step Verification on Google Gmail Facebook Twitter Dropbox
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How to Enable 2 Step Verification on Google Gmail Twitter

By enabling 2 Step Verification on your personal email accounts and social media account you will be safe from hackers or from bad people who want to steal your personal information or delete all of your emails, contacts, photos, etc. and even the hackers can blackmail for money. See below article to Enable 2 Step […]

How to Delete Search History on Facebook Google Youtube
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How to Delete Search History on Facebook Google Youtube with Direct Online Link Details

Yes just like Google, the Social media giant Facebook also saves the search history of a user. This is important too, now this post is all about how to delete search history on Facebook, Google and Youtube. Follow the below instructions to delete the Search History of Facebook, Google and Youtube social media platforms. Delete […]

Google search settings results per page Setting
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How to Get More Search Results on Google Page Enable Google Search Settings Results Per Page

By default, if you search anything on Google it will show you 10 Results per page, and if you are not able to find your desired result you end up going to 2nd Google Search page or 3rd page (10-20,20-30) results page. But there is a Setting in google where you can set More Than […]

Google Word Coach
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Type Google Word Coach on your Mobile Chrome Browser and Test your Vocabulary

Google has launched a fun game on its search where you can test your vocabulary knowledge in small-sized questions, all you have to do is search with “Google Word Coach” on your Mobile Chrome Browser then it displays the game, check the image below. Google Word Coach Open Google Chrome Browser on your Android or […]