Retrieve Forgotten Wifi Password

3 Ways to Retrieve Your Forgotten Wifi Password

If you have ever forgotten your wi-fi (Wireless Fidelity) password then you can Retrieve Forgotten Wifi Password using 3 different Ways lets see below. Retrieve Wifi Password How to view Forgotten WiFi Password If you are using Windows then you can easily retrieve or know your wi-fi password by following below instructions 1. On the […]

How to Leave a Group on Edit settings for a LinkedIn Group
LinkedIn Tricks

How to Leave a Group on LinkedIn and also Customize Settings for Group on LinkedIn

Sometimes you might be joining a wrong Group on LinkedIn or you may no longer want to see the notifications from the Group, if you ever feel so, leaving a Group on LinkedIn is very easy, just follow below simple steps and also see how can you customize settings for a Group on LinkedIn. Leave […]

How to Delete Search History on Facebook Google Youtube
Facebook Tricks Google Tricks Tricks Youtube Tricks

How to Delete Search History on Facebook Google Youtube with Direct Online Link Details

Yes just like Google, the Social media giant Facebook also saves the search history of a user. This is important too, now this post is all about how to delete search history on Facebook, Google and Youtube. Follow the below instructions to delete the Search History of Facebook, Google and Youtube social media platforms. Delete […]

How to Download Facebook Videos and FB Private Videos for Free
Facebook Tricks Tricks

How to Download Facebook Videos Facebook Private Videos for Free online on Mobile and Web

If you have liked a video on Facebook and want to download the video from Facebook, then their is the easiest way to Download Facebook videos from the web, check below steps on How to save Facebook videos. And also you can Download Private Facebook videos. How to Download Facebook Videos How to save Facebook […]

Google search settings results per page Setting
Google Tricks Tricks

How to Get More Search Results on Google Page Enable Google Search Settings Results Per Page

By default, if you search anything on Google it will show you 10 Results per page, and if you are not able to find your desired result you end up going to 2nd Google Search page or 3rd page (10-20,20-30) results page. But there is a Setting in google where you can set More Than […]

How to Remove Password on Password Protected PDF Permanently Easily

How to Remove Password on Password Protected PDF Easily

If you have Password protected PDF file and want to share the PDF with others then you always need to share the PDF password but using the below trick you can able to Unlock/remove the Password on the Protected PDF Easily, follow the below step by step process. Remove Password on Protected PDF For Example, […]