How to enable or disable news and interests on taskbar in windows 10
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How to Disable or Enable News and Interests Widget on Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 Version then you might have come across this Widget News and Interests on the Taskbar where if you Hover on the icon you can know the Lates News Top stories, Weather Updates, and Traffic updates details. If you don’t want to use this News and Interests Widget on Windows […]

Check Google Home History on My Google Activity
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How to Check Google Home History of Google Home and Home Mini Product

If you own a Google Home or Home mini and want to know the Google Home history like what things played or what questions asked on Google Home, just follow below steps to know. Google Home History You can check the Google Home History in 2 ways, one using Google account and in Google Home […]

How to Disable AutoPlay Videos on Facebook
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How to Disable AutoPlay Videos on Facebook

If you are irritated with Auto-play Videos on or Facebook app then you can simply disable Auto Play Videos by following below steps, you can also disable auto audio using below settings. Disable Facebook AutoPlay Videos 1. Log in to your Facebook account, Click on Down arrow Icon. 2. Choose Settings, It will display […]

Retrieve Forgotten Wifi Password

3 Ways to Retrieve Your Forgotten Wifi Password

If you have ever forgotten your wi-fi (Wireless Fidelity) password then you can Retrieve Forgotten Wifi Password using 3 different Ways lets see below. Retrieve Wifi Password How to view Forgotten WiFi Password If you are using Windows then you can easily retrieve or know your wi-fi password by following below instructions 1. On the […]