CSB Daily Withdrawal Limit from Visa and Rupay ATM Debit Cards
ATM Card Daily Withdrawal Limit Catholic Syrian Bank

Catholic Syrian Bank CSB Daily Withdrawal Limit from ATM

If you are a customer of Catholic Syrian Bank and would like to know how much money you can withdraw using your atm cum debit card then it depends on the CSB card type you are holding. Check below for CSB Daily Withdrawal Limit and other ATM card details.

CSB Daily Withdrawal Limit from Visa and Rupay ATM Debit Cards

CSB Daily Withdrawal Limit

Currently Catholic Syrian Bank issue 2 types ATM cards Visa ATM Debit Card, CSB Rupay ATM Debit Card.

CSB Visa Card Withdrawal Limit

For CSB VISA ATM Debit Card Daily Withdrawal limit is Rs 40,000 and for Pos/Internet transaction limit is Rs 50,000

CSB RuPay ATM Card Withdrawal Limit

For Rupay Cards daily withdrawal limit is Rs 40,000 and for Pos/Internet transactions is Rs 40,000.

How much amount you can Withdraw in one ATM transaction?

In CSB Atm’s in one transaction you can withdraw Rs 18,000 at once.

In other bank ATM’s Rs 10,000 in one transaction.

CSB Free ATM Transactions Limit

In CSB Atm you can withdraw unlimited times.

In other bank ATMs only 5 free transactions in a month (financial and non-financial).

After 5 transaction amount will be charged, for withdrawal Rs 20 is charged.

For CSB Visa Platinum card Annual fee of Rs.100 has been introduced.

CSB Average Quarterly Balance

If Average Quarterly Balance is less than Rs 25000 then Rs 100 will be charged as Annual Maintenance Charges.

If AQB is between Rs 25,000 to Rs 1 lakh then Rs 100 is charged.

IF AQB is more than Rs 1 lakh then no charges.