How to Check Deleted Whatsapp Message

WhatsApp’s recent update Delete for everyone is a great option for users who mistakenly sent wrong messages, by using Delete for everyone option they can delete the the wrong message from their friends Whatsapp app, but there is still a way where you can check and access the deleted messages, A blog called Android Jefe says there is still a way around this feature and deleted messages from Whatsapp can be still accessed.
How to Check Deleted Whatsapp Message

Check Deleted Whatsapp Message

This only works for Android OS users who has version 7.0 Nougat or higher version, all they need to do is download an 3rd party app from Google Play store called Notification History to read deleted messages.

Download the App Notification History from Play Store here

Read deleted WhatsApp messages

After downloading the app, go to Android notification log, better use Nova Launcher App.
You can also check Notification log by doing Long press the home screen, then tap on Widgets -> Activities -> Settings > Notification log, now open the system’s notification log to check the message.

Notification History App Features are :

Simple shortcut to Android 4.3 new hidden feature – Notification History
You can use this to find out which app pushed spam message (e.g. AirPush) into notification and remove them in few clicks.

Moreover, the messages are stored for few hours on the device and are deleted if users restart their device. Although, it is unclear if a similar hack is available on iOS.

Check this link where the Author of Android Jefe clearly explains