Citibank Daily Withdrawal Limit from ATM

If you are a citibank customer and would like to withdraw cash from ATM then their is a limit based on the type of Citi atm card or debit card you have, check below for Citibank Daily Withdrawal Limit from ATM based on account or savings type.

Citibank Daily Withdrawal Limit

In India Citibank provides 5 types of banking accounts they are Citibank Suvidha Account, Citibanking Account, Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account, Citi Priority and Citigold Account.

Citibank Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit

For Citibank Suvidha Account ATM daily withdrawal limit is Rs 75,000 from any ATM, and for POS/Ecomm also Rs 50,000.

Citibank Platinum Debit Card Daily ATM cash withdrawal is Rs 1,00,000 and also Rs l lakh for POS and Ecomm merchant transactions, this is for Citibanking Account type.

For Citi Priority World Debit Card daily cash withdrawal limit is Rs 1.50 lakhs.

Citibank Daily Withdrawal Limit from ATM

Citibank ATM Withdrawal Limit Per Day

For Citigold Account daily ATM withdrawal limit is Rs 1.50 lakhs.

And if you have Citi bank Savings Account for Expatriates then Free ATM cash withdrawal around the world and daily spend and withdrawal limit up to Rs 1 Lakh.

For Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account and Small Account Free ATM/Debit card daily withdrawal is Rs 10,000 same for POS/Merchant transactions. This account comes under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana(PMJDY).

How much you can withdraw from Citibank ATM in a day?

The Maximum Daily cash withdrawal limit depends on the type of account and type of card you have with citibank.

For Citibank Junior Account and Citibank Senior Account you can do Unlimited free withdrawals at ATMs of all banks and for daily cash withdrawal limit please check with bank, and for Citibank Junior Account you can Set limit on your child’s ATM cum Debit Card to control expenses.

Note: Citibank ATM free withdrawal limit is 3 in metro cities and 5 in non metro cities.