How to Delete Location History on Google Facebook and Twitter

Everyone knows that by default all major social media accounts, Google saves location history of a user, For example google stores locations history to show the better places to visit, to show local ads and for various other purposes, while these do not harm anyone, but some part of privacy will be lost, if you want to turn off/pause or delete location history follow below steps.

Delete Location History

Delete Location History from Google

1. Log in to your Google Accounts
2. Now go to Google Maps(
3. Click On Left Side Navigation and search for Your timeline and open it, check below Gif imageGoogle Timeline history
4. Timeline will display the locations or places you have visited by date on the Google Maps
5. On the Right Side Bottom of the page Click on Gear/ Settings Icon, Now here you can choose to Pause Location History or Delete all Location History.
6. You can also download a copy of all your data.

To directly view google maps history timeline see this link

How to find phone location on google maps
By using Google Find My Device you can easily locate a lost Android device, and keeps your information safe and sound while you look and also can check on maps.
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Delete Location History on Facebook

If you are using Facebook App on your smartphone and have enabled Near By Friends Option then Facebook will store all the history you visit, this Location history is diffrenet from check-ins you do on facebook.

To Delete your location history on Facebook:
1. Go to and log in
2. Now to the Top right Click on Down Arrow and look for Activity Log Buttonfacebook down arrow settings
3. Now on the left Side Filters section, come to bottom of the page and find Location History Section
4. This will show all your Location visits
5. Now on the right side look for Clear Location History and click on the button to Clear Location History from Facebook.

Note : Facebook Location History will not remove check-ins or places where you’ve been tagged.

Delete Location History on Twitter

Go to your Twitter accounts and
1. Go to Settings and Privacy
2. Now on Left Side search for Privacy and safety section
3. Now find Tweet location, and click on Delete location information Button to delete

Note: Twitter will delete location labels you have added to your Tweets.