Dena Bank Locker Charges Security Deposit Annual Charges and How to open a Locker
Dena Bank Locker Charges

Dena Bank Locker Charges Security Deposit Charges and How to open a Locker

If you are Dena bank(now BOB) customer and would like to open a locker then locker charges and security deposit charges depends on the location and size of the locker, check below for the details.

Dena Bank Locker Charges

Currently Dena bank offers 10 types of lockers based on the size. See price and Size below.

Dena Bank Locker Size and Charges

Below are the Annual Locker charges of Dena bank.

Type A Locker in Metro/Urban Rs 1500 and in Semi Urban/Rural Rs 900.

Type A – Rs 1500(Metro/Urban) – Rs 900(Semi Urban/Rural) Areas
Type B – 2000 – 1000
Type D – 2800 – 1500
Type C – 3000 – 1700
Type E/H1 – 4000 – 2200
Type G – 7000 – 5500
Type F – 7000 – 5500
Type H – 7000 – 5500
Type L1 – 10000 – 8000
Type L – 10000 – 8000

Dena Bank Locker Charges Security Deposit Annual Charges and How to open a Locker

How to Open a Dena Bank Locker

Visit your home branch where your account has, request staff for opening a safe deposit security locker.

Pay the deposit locker charges and get the locker keys. While visiting take your Bank account passbook and Photograph.

Note: If you pay 3 years advance you get 10% discount on locker charges.

For Dena bank For Staff /Ex-staff- concession is 50% in rent.

Dena Bank Free Locker Visits

In an Year you can do 12 free Locker Operations, after free visits Rs 100 is charged per occasion.

Lost Dena Bank Locker Keys

In case you have lost the locker keys, first inform the bank and for breaking open of the locker, Rs 1000 will be recovered as incidental charges over and above actual cost incurred for the same.

Penalty Charges for Locker

Penalty for late payment of locker rent will be Rs 200 for first 3 months and after that Rs 50 per month. If the annual locker rental is below Rs 3000. If it more then Rs 500 for first 3 months and Rs 100 after 3 months.