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Difference between Love and Marriage – Funny Joke

One disciple went to his guru and asked for an explanation on the difference between love and marriage.

Difference between Love and Marriage

The guru told the disciple :
Go to the rose garden and come back with the tallest rose plant. One condition is that you should not come back the same path you took while going.

The disciple went to the garden and came back empty handed. When asked why, the disciple gave his answer:

As I went in, I saw a tall beautiful plant But I kept going on for the next plant expecting a better plant. But moving forward, I came across only smaller plants and since I cannot trace the path back, I had to return empty handed.

The guru said: This is Love <3

Then he said: now go to the sunflower garden and bring the most beautiful sunflower plant.
Now the additional condition is that once you pluck a sunflower plant, you can’t pluck another.

Now the disciple goes into the garden and comes back quickly with a plant. The guru asks, is this the most beautiful plant?

The disciple says: No guru. Based on my previous experience, I did not want to miss and hence I took the first plant which looked beautiful to me. On the way back, I saw more beautiful plants but since I was not allowed to pick another plant, I came back with the plant I had originally picked.

The guru smiled and said: This is Marriage!