Do you know How to Pronounce These Company Names
Do u Know?

Do you know How to Pronounce These Company Names

Most of the companies we see everyday has different pronunciation and we pronounce differently as well, lets see below for the correct pronunciation.

How to Pronounce

Huawei Electronics: Huawei is a Chinese multinational networking, telecommunications equipment, and services company manufactures Mobile and fixed broadband networks, multimedia technology, smartphones, tablet computers, dongles. See below for pronunciation of Huawei.

Huawei pronunciation

Huawei pronunciation – /ˈhwɑːˌweɪ/ – Wah-Way

Check Below to listen Huawei pronunciation


Huawei Meaning

Huawei means “flower” This is hinted in Huawei’s logo as well, the character can also mean “splendid” or “magnificent”.

Xiaomi pronunciation

Xiaomi pronunciation – Shi-yaw-mee – Shaomi

Listen to Audio of Xiaomi pronunciation

Xiaomi Meaning – Xiaomi means “millet” which is a grain that is staple of diets in various parts of the world.

Asus Pronounciation and Meaning

ASUS takes its name from Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology that symbolises wisdom and knowledge. Asus is a Taiwanese brand manufactures mobiles, laptops and other electronics.

Asus pronunciation – eɪsu s – A Seus

Asus Meaning is Eminence of/by the Chinese (people)

McDonald’s pronunciation – muhk-Don-uhldz

Volkswagen pronunciation – fɔlks-vaɡŋ v should be prounced as f, Volkswagen meaning is People’s car

Nike pronunciation – nai key

Disney pronunciation – Dizni

Mercedes Benz pronunciation – Mer-say dees Benz a German word

Pizza Hut pronunciation – peet-suh – Its Peet and Sah Hut

Levi’s pronunciation – Lee-vaiz

Skype pronunciation – skIGHp

Wednesday pronunciation – It’s Wenz-day not WED-NES-DAY, the ‘d’ is silent

Athlete pronunciation – It’s Ath-leet not Atha-leet.

Receipt pronunciation – It’s Re-ceet not Re-cipt.

Cache pronunciation – It’s Cashe

Suite pronunciation – It’s Sweet

Dessert pronunciation – It’s Dizz-urt not desert.

Bowl pronunciation – It’s Bohl not Baaul.

Coupon pronunciation – It’s Coo-pawn not Coo-pun.

Meme pronunciation – It’s Meem not May-May

Determine pronunciation – It’s Deter-min not Deter-mine.

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