Do you Know the 15*15*15 Rule in Mutual Funds

One of the most often discussed rule in Mutual Funds is 15*15*15 Rule, the rule in simple terms is that if one does a Systematic Investment Plan SIP of Rs 15000 per month in a mutual fund for 15 years which earns average 15% compounded annual returns, then You are able to accumulate Rs 1 Crore.

15*15*15 Rule

And your total investment amount is only Rs 27 lakhs, Rs 15000 * 180(months) = Rs 27,00,000, You get a Profit of Rs 73,00,000.

The best part is below:

The 15 X 15 X 30 rule of mutual funds?

If you do a Rs 15,000 SIP per month for 30 years (instead of 15 years as earlier), at a 15% compounded annual return, You will be able to accumulate Rs 10 crores against 1 crore if you invest for 15 years.

Means Rs 15000 * 360 Months = Rs 54,00,000 54 lakhs and you get a Whopping of Rs 10 Crores at the end of 30 Years.

Note: 15% is the minimum return of a good rating mutual fund.

Which means timing is very important for Wealth Creation, And try to pick mixed of Small Cap, Mid Cap, Multi Cap and Large Cap Mutual Funds while investing.

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