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Are Early Morning Dreams Come True?

It is believed that dreams denote future and they are the signals of future probabilities. If one understands the indications of dreams then prediction of future is possible.

The astrologers believe that the dreams seen in the Brahamma Muharata (3 to 6 am) turn into reality.

Are Early Morning Dreams Come True

Are Early Morning Dreams Come True

It is observed that bad dreams sometimes give favorable result; therefore, it is necessary to have some knowledge of dreams. If you are dreaming about the same incidents repeatedly, then consider it to be an indication of a future happening.

Some selected interpretations of dreams are suggested here which disclose certain future probabilities:

  • If one sees himself/herself dancing, singing, hearing music or cheering in a happy mood, then it is a good omen. It indicates a meeting with your soulmate soon.
  • Couple of buffalo seen drinking water from a pond indicates a successful married life.
  • If one sees himself walking in a garden with soulmate, it is a signal that they will get a partner of their choice and the family life is expected to be successful and contented.
  • Marriage with a high-flying executive is possible when the girl sees herself wearing diamond jewelry.
  • If a girl sees herself wearing bangles then it indicates an early marriage with partner of her choice.
  • If eating a fruit or drinking fruit juice is seen then there are chances of rift in marital relations.
  • An interference of a third person in love affair or married life is possible when a bear is seen in dreams.