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Earn Money

Earn Money by Giving Design Feedback

If you looking for few fast and small bucks then their is website which pays you for just giving Design feedback all you need to do is Participate in the quick design surveys which will be as short as 1 minute and help the products better, and get paid for doing it.

Earn Money by Giving Design Feedback

Before signing for up this website, you need to have a paypal account, because this site pays only via paypal.

UserCrowd Notifications Timezone settings Payout Withdrawal

Ok, lets jump in, the website which pays money for Giving Design Feedback is UserCrowd.

Go to their website and become a tester by signing up, you can signup here

Give your name, phone and paypal email id and log in.

Once you log in there will be Available tests which is kind of a short survey, you can finish this in under 1 minute or sometimes 30 seconds as well.

The best part of UserCrowd is you can set Test Availability and Notifications timings in form of Push notifications and Email notifications along with Timezone.

UserCrowd Earn Money by Giving Design Feedback

So what are you waiting for go to UserCrowd and become a tester and earn fast and small bucks, they pay in form of USD.

And once you reach $10 you can withdraw it to you paypal account.

I have become a UserCrowd tester just 7 days ago and I have already earned $1.8 at the time of writing this post and in just 10 minutes for $1.80.

UserCrowd Review

According to and UserCrowd got 4.8 rating out of 5.

And I trust this UserCrowd, this is completely Legit not a Scam site.

Note: Many tests ask you to explain why you clicked or answered in a certain way. Always give the real reason because as a tester you also have tester rating see mine in the first image its 100% 🙂

PS: This is one of the best Earn Money Taking Surveys website.

Happy Earning!

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