FaceDance Challenge App is the New Viral App in the Town

FaceDance Challenge App is all set to become another viral app to entertain mobile smartphone users, FaceDance Challenge game app has been developed by Diffcat Team from Vietnam.

This viral app FaceDance Challenge game uses front camera to play and with camera technology it detects your face in real-time, then compares your face with emotion on screen. The more your face dancing good the more score you will get. This is the first of its kind dancing app.

FaceDance Challenge App

You can import your own music to FaceDance Challenge app which makes your face always dancing in the right time of music. You can Record and share video FaceDance on any social networks to challenge your friends.

Download FaceDance Challenge App

Download FaceDance Challenge App on Android PlayStore Here

Download FaceDance Challenge App on Apple iTunes Here

Just use Hash tags #FaceDanceChallenge or #FaceDance when sharing to see each others.

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