Fire Boltt Customer Care Number Warranty Registration Service Center Product List Claim Details
Customer Care Numbers Service Center

Fire Boltt Customer Care Number Service Warranty Registration Service Center Product List Claim Details

ire Boltt is an Indian electronic company that manufactures Premium Audio, Fitness & Fashion Products for affordable prices, Fire Boltt is one of the top Smart Watch Brand Smartwatches company in India. Boltt makes products in Wearables, Audio, Tws Earbuds and Gaming Headphones. If you are using any Fire Boltt product and facing any issue with your Fire Boltt item then you can contact Fire Boltt Customer Care number and resolve your issue at the nearest service center or get the Fire Boltt gadget replacement.

Fire Boltt Customer Care Number


Fire Boltt has a dedicated customer care support team dial 022 48965957 and talk to Fire Boltt support from Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 7 PM

You can also approach by email send email to or and a ticket will be opened and will respond in 24 hours of time.

You can open a customer issue ticket at the official website at

Fire Boltt Product List

Check the Fire Boltt Product Store complete Gadgets on Amazon Website

Fire-Boltt 1.4 Inch SmartWatch ( BSW001)
Fire-Boltt Beast 1.69 SmartWatch ( BSW002)
Fire-Boltt 360 Round Dial (BSW003)
Fire-Boltt Talk (BSW004)
Fire-Boltt Ring (BSW005)

Fire-Boltt Mercury (BSW006)
Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 (BSW021)
Fire-Boltt Ninja (BSW007)
Fire-Boltt Constellation (BSW008)
Fire-Boltt Spin (BSW009)

Fire-Boltt Max (BSW010)
Fire-Boltt Ninja Pro (BSW011)
Fire-Boltt Ultron (BSW012)
Fire-Boltt Almight (BSW013)
Fire-Boltt Call (BSW014)
Fire-Boltt AI (BSW015)

Fire-Boltt Beast Pro (BSW016)
Fire-Boltt 360 Pro (BSW017)
Fire-Boltt Supreme (BSW018)
Fire-Boltt Terra (BSW019)
Fire-Boltt Invincible (BSW020)
Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 Max (BSW022)
Fire-Boltt Incredible (BSW023)

Fire-Boltt Ninja Calling (BSW024)
Fire-Boltt Ninja Call 2 (BSW025)
Fire-Boltt Ninja Pro Max (BSW026)
Fire-Boltt Ring 2 (BSW027)
Fire-Boltt Thunder (BSW028)
Fire-Boltt Ring Pro (BSW029)
Fire-Boltt Ninja 3 (BSW030)

Fire-Boltt Ninja 2 Plus (BSW031)
Fire-Boltt Ninja Pro Plus (BSW032)
Fire-Boltt Hurricane (BSW034)
Fire-Boltt Tornado Calling (BSW035)
Fire-Boltt Beam Calling (BSW036)
Fire-Boltt Talk Pro (BSW038)

Fire-Boltt Ninja Bell (BSW040)
Fire-Boltt Ninja Dial (BSW041)
Fire-Boltt Talk 2 (BSW042)

Fire Pods Ninja Pro 401
Fire Pods Ninja Pro 402
Fire Pods Ninja Pro 403
Fire Pods Ninja G201
Fire Pods Ninja G301

Fire Boltt Warranty Registration

All the Fire-Boltt products and accessories are covered with a manufacturer warranty.

You can register a warranty service request this Fire-Boltt Official link and their customer service team will contact you and begin the troubleshooting for the respective issue.

Fire Boltt Customer Care Number Warranty Registration Service Center Product List Claim Details

Fire Boltt Products Warranty

The Warranty varies based on the Boltt product/gadget, see below for product warranty coverage details, and mostly comes with 6 months from the date of purchase to 1-year duration.

For Bluetooth Speaker, Smart Watch, Gaming Headphones, Truly Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth Headphones devices Warranty Period is 12 Months, and for Accessories, it is 3 months.

For Wired Earphone Main Device warranty is 6 Months

Fire Boltt Service Center

Currently Fire Boltt brand doesn’t have any dedicated Service center just dial the Fire Boltt customer service help line number or open a support ticket and they will help you in resolving your issue.