Get Back Your Lost Phone with Simple Trick

Everyone has a phone these days and in case if your ever Lost your phone, I have a simple trick for you to get back your lost phone. This trick will not apply if your phone is being stolen/theft though.

Get Back Your Lost Phone

Open your Current Wallpaper set on your Phone.

Now edit the Wallpaper in MS paint or any Image Editor with your Name, Email, Alternate Number or Emergency Number & Address and Save.

Now, Set the edited image as your lock screen wallpaper.

Get Back Your Lost Phone with Simple Trick

So when your phone is lost, the person who got the phone may contact you easily without unlocking your Phone.

This trick will also be useful in few unknown situations like if you met with accident then a stranger can call to your family or friends number without unlocking your phone.

These days people are honest 🙂

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