Missed Call

Give a Missed Call to 8099259925 and Support Anti Red Eye India Campaign

Heaven Homes Society has started Anti Red Eye India Campaign, it is all about to End the Scourge of Spy Cameras mis-use to Save our Women Honour and Lives with group of like minded people and related misuses of spy cameras and how it effects society especially woman. Just Give a missed call to Save our women’s Honour & Lives, Lets Join Hands to end this Scourge. Let’s Blind Spy Cameras.

Anti Red Eye India

Give Missed Call to 8099259925 to Support Anti Red Eye

Samantha and Mehreen Kaur also Supports this:

“Spy cameras have become a threat to the safety of the ladies in the society. Samantha and Mehreen Kaur were also upset with these cameras and they were also a part of our campaign. A lot of people can be able to buy them online for a lesser price which has to be stopped. The spy cameras are being misused which has to be controlled and there should be a proper license for those who buy and sell these cameras.” said Sana,

To be a part of this campaign attend the event at @PressClubHyd, Somajiguda, Hyderabad

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