HDFC Bank Minimum Balance in Savings Account and Charges

If you are a HDFC Bank customer and has a savings account then you need to maintain Minimum Average Balance Requirements as per the bank else you will charged and these charges will be based on the account type and location of the account. See below HDFC Bank Minimum Balance in savings account based on location.

HDFC Bank Minimum Balance

Below are the HDFC Minimum Average Balance Requirements for Regular Savings Account.

For HDFC Bank Metro / Urban branches Average Monthly Balance AMB is Rs 10,000.

For Semi-Urban Branches Minimum Balance is Rs 5,000.

For Rural Branches Monthly Balance should be Minimum of Rs 2,500 or Fixed Deposit of Rs. 10,000 for minimum 1 year 1 day period.

HDFC Bank Minimum Balance in Savings Account Average Balance and Charges

HDFC Bank Minimum Balance Charges

What is the penalty for not maintaining minimum balance in HDFC bank?

For Metro/Urban Branches:

If minimum balance is less than Rs 10,000 and greater than Rs 7,500 then Rs 150 + plus taxes.

If below Rs 7,500 and greater than Rs 5,000 then non-maintenance charges are Rs 300 + Tax

If below Rs 5,000 and greater than Rs 2,500 then charges are Rs 450 + taxes.

If below Rs 2,500 then Rs 600 + Taxes.

For Semi-Urban Branch accounts:

If AMB is less than Rs 5,000 and greater than Rs 2,500 then Rs 150 + Taxes

IF Monthly Average Balance is less than Rs 2,500 then Rs 300 + Taxes

For Rural HDFC Branch accounts:

If the Average Quarterly Balance is less than Rs 2,500 and greater than Rs 1,000 then Non-Maintenance Charges per quarter is Rs 270 plus taxes.

If less than Rs 1,000 then Rs 450 + Taxes.

Note: For Rural branches non-maintenance charges are calculated Quarterly.

Average Monthly Balance Calculator

To Calculate the Calculate the Average Monthly Balance (AMB) that you need to maintain in your HDFC savings account, check this official HDFC bank Average Monthly Balance Calculator.

If you are opening a new account in HDFC bank then also you need to maintain above minimum balance else you will charged with non-maintenance charges as per above conditions.

Its always better to minimum balance in your savings account of HDFC bank.

PS: Above charges are information is for HDFC Bank Regular Savings Account Customers.