HDFC Bank Transfer Charges for IMPS NEFT RTGS UPI Transaction Limit Timings Details
Bank Transfer Charges Bank Transfer Limit HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank Transfer Charges for IMPS NEFT RTGS UPI and HDFC Transaction Limit for Money Transfer Timings Details

The country’s largest private bank HDFC has certain charges when you are Transferring money through any one IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, UPI Modes and also see below for the Transaction Limit for transferring money from HDFC bank and Timings for transferring amount.

HDFC Bank Transfer Charges

See below how HDFC Bank charges for transferring money based on the mode of money transfer.


HDFC Bank doesn’t charge money for any NEFT transactions done online its completely free.

The maximum amount of funds you can transfer per day is Rs 2 Lacs and however, HDFC bank allows sending or transferring money upto Rs 50 Lacs just set the TPT limit on your HDFC Bank up to Rs 50 Lacs, see HDFC Net banking or mobile app for HDFC TPT limit which you can set on your HDFC bank account.

For New Beneficiary addition only Rs 50,000 can be transferred for the first 24 hours.

NEFT can be made available 24*7, 365 days, and the settlement is done as per RBI batches.

If you visit any HDFC bank branch and transfer then Transaction charges for below Rs 1 Lakh is Rs 2 + GST and for above Rs 1 Lakh Rs 10 + GST.


Using IMPS mode you can transfer funds instantly. See below for HDFC Bank IMPS Charges for transferring money. The maximum limit per day is Rs 5 lakhs and based on TPT limit you can transfer more amount.

HDFC new IMPS Transfer limit is Rs 5,00,000 per day.

If Transaction Amount is Less than Rs 1000 then Rs 3.50 + GST

If Transaction Amount is above Rs 1000 and less than Rs 1,00,000 then HDFC charges Rs 5 + GST

If Transaction Amount is grater than Rs 1,00,000 then Rs 15 + GST

If you are a HDFC bank Imperia and HDFC Preferred Customers then IMPS Fund Transfer Service is free.

HDFC Bank Transfer Charges for IMPS NEFT RTGS UPI Transaction Limit Timings Details

HDFC Bank UPI Charges

Using UPI you can instantly transfer funds all you need is a recipient UPI Id and HDFC bank UPI Maximum Limit is Rs 1 Lakh and with a limit of 10 transactions.

For new UPI Users only Rs 5,000 can be trans by UPI for first 24 hours, this also applies to customers whose device/sim card/ mobile number has been changed.

HDFC Bank RTGS Charges

Using RTGS you can only make High-value transactions which is Amount must be greater than Rs 2 Lakhs and the maximum limit for RTGS on HDFC bank is Rs 50 Lakhs which you have set as a TPT limit.

HDFC RTGS Real Time Gross Settlement transactions which are done online are free.

RTGS timings is 12.20 AM to 11.30 PM 365 days.