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HDFC Bank Whatsapp Banking to Account Balance Mini Statement Cheque Book and Other Details

India’s largest bank by market capitalization HDFC Bank has launched Whatsapp Banking service for its customer where by using Whatsapp chat you can know your HDFC account balance, mini statement, cheque book request, Interest Rates and other services.

HDFC Bank Whatsapp Banking

How to Activate HDFC Whatsapp Banking

To use the service from your registered mobile number with the bank account just give a missed call to 7065970659. After 2-3 rings call automatically disconnects and you will get a below sms as response.


Welcome to HDFC Bank WhatsApp Banking! You’ll now start receiving alerts.
Get started: bit.ly/2ZwbCxR
To unsubscribe,SMS UNSUB to 7065970659 T&C* bit.ly/2RQybgG

Now go to Whatsapp and Type Hi and send it to 7065970659.

HDFC Bank Whatsapp Banking

HDFC Bank Ltd WhatsApp Chat will respond as below.

Hi, Welcome to HDFC Bank WhatsApp Banking!

Get started right away by typing your query e.g – Show me my credit card reward points or choose the option for the desired service.

1: Account Balance

2: Mini Statement

3: Apply for our products

4: Interest Rates & Eligibility

5: Cheque Book Request

6: Debit Card EMI eligibility

7: Pre approved offers

8: More services

For Account Balance:

To know Account Balance Just Type 1 and send, below is the response –

Glad to assist. Balance in Account

XXXXXXXXX8923 is 10231.11

For Mini Statement:

Type 2 and send

Happy to help . Mini statement for Account XXXXXXXXXX9627
1. 16 Sep 2019 1500.00 D,
2. 07 Sep 2019 1500.00 D,
3. 31 Aug 2019 3000.00 C

List of services you can do using HDFC WhatsApp banking is

Account Balance, Mini Statement, Apply for products, Interest Rates & Eligibility, Cheque Book Request, Debit Card EMI eligibility, Pre approved offers, Under More Services : Find me an ATM or branch near me, Send me my account statement, Send me my credit card statement, Balance on credit card, Reward points on my credit card, Limit on my credit card, Stop Cheque payment, Cheque status, Document requirements for car loan, Bank IFSC codes, FD/RD summary and Apply for Insurance.

You can also manually enter a Query like below.

Query: Show me my credit card reward points

Answer: Sure,I can help you with that. Please enter your last 4 digit of your Credit card number.

Enter: CC number and get.

To Unsubscribe HDFC WhatsApp Banking Service send a sms as below

Sms as UNSUB from your mobile number and send sms to 70659 70659

Is HDFC Bank WhatsApp Banking secure?

Yes, banking on WhatsApp is safe. All messages are secured with end to end encryption. Your account information is not shared with anyone. You do not need to enter any confidential information such as PIN or password on WhatsApp.

Is HDFC Bank WhatsApp Banking secure

Before using the service on the top check for This chat is with the official business account of “HDFC Bank Ltd”.