airtel 4g Mobile Tricks

How To Activate Airtel 3G 4G Settings

If you are an existing Airtel customer then you can upgrade to Airtel 4G service by sending sms as below.

How to Activate 4G in Airtel

Below are steps to activate new Airtel 4G SIM:

Format: SIM (20-digit SIM card number of your new SIM) to 121

Example: SIM 586479478245789214 and send sms to 121

You will receive a confirmation SMS in your inbox. Reply with 1

Listen to the confirmation call ehich you receive immediately and enter 1.

Activate 3G 4G Settings on Airtel

To Get 3G service on Airtel:

1. Send SMS as “3G” to 121 (without quotes).
2. In request to your SMS you will receive an SMS saying that reply with option “1” to activate airtel 3G.
3. In return you will get 3G airtel Settings save the settings with the default option.
4. Note : Activation of 3G Data Settings will take upto 4 hours of time.

How to deactivate Airtel 3G settings :

Just send an sms as “3G” to 121.

How to Activate 4G in Airtel :

1.Airtel 4G : Price , Tarrifs , Plans and Speed

Airtel 4G is currently available on Postpaid connections only. Tariff Plans are as given below :-

Postpaid Plans Rentals (per month-INR) Free Quota (GB) Speed After Free Quota (kbps)
Breakfree Rs. 999 6 128 kbps
Breakfree max Rs. 1399 9 128 kbps
Breakfree ultra Rs. 1999 18 128 kbps
(Courtesy : Airtel 4G Website)

Airtel 4G Wireless broadband Internet Speed can theoretically go up to 100 Mbps, however, practical 4G speed shall be in the range 5 t0 10 Mbps depending on signal strength and number of users.

2.How to use Airtel 4G ?

You need to do the following things before you can use Airtel 4G LTE.

Apply and get a new Airtel 4G postpaid connection along with USIM (128 bit SIM card) used for 4G service.
Get a Airtel 4G enabled device which may be a mobile phone or a 4G wireless dongle for wireless Internet.
Activate AIrtel 4G LTE service and choose a rental plan. Then use your Airtel 4G and enjoy.

3.How to activate Airtel 4G service?

QUOTE : Airtel 4G Website

“a. You can visit our ARC / airtel store for an exclusive experience of airtel 4G LTE services and leave your contact details. Our Sales executives will visit you at your home or office for a sales consultation and product demonstration before collecting the order. Alternately you can leave your contact details on our website or at our customer care. We will get back to you.

b. You will get a new airtel 4G LTE number.

c. We would require your Proof of Address & Proof of Identity along with photograph & an alternate mobile number. The later will allow us to communicate through SMS. “

4. What do you need to use Airtel 4G?

Airtel 4G USIM with activated Airtel 4G service.
Airtel 4G enabled device which may be a mobile phone, a tablet or a 4G wireless dongle.
5.Currently available 4G LTE devices in India?

Currently only two 4G LTE device is avialable in India from Airtel.

Airtel 4G wireless USB dongle (Price : Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 6000/-).
Airtel 4G LTE Indoor Wireless Gateways.
Nokia Lumia 900 launched recently in USA may be the first 4G mobile device to be launched in India on Airtel 4G.
6.You can not make Voice Calls and send SMS over Airtel 4G.

7. You need to apply for a new Airtel mobile number for 4G services.

8.You can not upgrade your existing prepaid SIM and connection to 4G.

9.Things you can do with Airtel 4G.

Wireless Internet surfing at high speeds.
HD online gaming.
High speed download and upload.
Make internet Video Calls such as through Skype, Gtalk etc.
Watch online videos without buffering.
10.You can’t use Airtel 4G on roaming as 4G network is only available in Kolkata at present.