How to Add Adsense Ads Below Post Title

As many of the bloggers know that the best Click Through Rate CTR of Adsense ads or any Ads is under Article title, and this has to be implemented by every blogger to get good income from Adsense. This post is about how to add Adsense Code or any other Ads under Blog article Title on blogger and wordpress.

To Add Adsense code under Article Title on WordPress :

1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard, now go to Appearance -> Editor.

2. Now look for Single Post (single.php) file and open the file.
3. Now look for comment section of Post Title which will be like this “<!–.post-title–>” .

4. After the end of  “<!–/.post-title–>”, just copy and paste the Adsense code and save the file. See above image.

How to Add Adsense code under Blog Article Title on Blogger :

1. Login to your blogger dashboard and go to Template -> Edit HTML.

2. Now it open the blog template Code, Search for “<data:post.body/>”.
3. Once you find just add the Adsense code above it, Note the adsense code should be converted into HTML entities see this link, (or check this link) just copy Adsense code form your account and go to the mentioned link and encrypt the code and place it above . See below image.

To get good CTR use Ad Format Size of 300 X 250, of Text and Image type. If you have any questions in implementing the steps just ping in below comment section or you can mail me at

Another Best way is to use Insert Post Ads WordPress Plugin Built By WPBeginner

Insert Post Ads allows you to automatically insert post ads after a specified number of paragraphs. This saves you the hassle of manually inserting post ads for every post.

If you want to increase your CTR and Google AdSense revenue, then you need to insert post ads within your content.
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Happy Earning..!