How to Block Central Bank of India ATM Card
Block ATM Card Central Bank of India

How to Block Central Bank of India ATM Card Debit Card Credit Card

If you are Central Bank of India customer and has lost or stolen your CBI ATM Card or Debit Card, Credit Card then you can block the card in below easy ways, remember you need to block the card immediately so that your can protect your account/atm card usage from fraud people.

How to Block Central Bank of India ATM Card

Central Bank of India has multiple ways to block the ATM/Debit, Credit Card.

✔ Block CBI Card by SMS
✔ Block By Calling Customer Care
✔ Block ATM Card in Cent Mobile App
✔ Block Card by Internet Banking
✔ Block Card by Visiting Branch

Block Central Bank of India ATM Card

How to Block CBI ATM Card by SMS

For Debit Card Block or HOTLISING you need to send SMS from registered mobile with the Bank account to 09967533228

SMS Format:

To Block all your ATM/Debit or Credit Card Send sms as
LOST to 9967533228

By sending above sms all cards linked to mobile will be blocked

To Block a ATM Card

Keyword: LOST CardNumber to +919967533228

E.g., LOST 5452258901470257 and send sms to 9967533228

For Blocking a specific account card send sms as LOSTAccountNumber to 9967533228

If you don’t know your card number or account number better send sms as LOST to 9967533228. Or Call Central Bank of India Customer Care.

How to Block Central Bank of India ATM Card

Block Central Bank of India ATM Card Customer Number

Dial Toll Free Number 1800221911 and request them to block the card.


Note: Before calling CBI customer care keep ready your account number, atm card number, atm pin and other customer details.

You can also Block or Hotlist the card via email to

For a failed transaction in ATM/POS/Online & Account debited requiring reversal STD Code – 022 49197314 /15

How to Block Central Bank of India Credit Card

Block Central Bank of India credit card by SMS:

From your registered mobile number just send a sms in below format:


Example: BLOCK 43825522 and send sms to 8080856856


You can also use STOLEN in place of BLOCK in the above sms format.

Sending SMS to +918080856856 will be charged.

To Block or Hotlist CBI Credit Card call Credit Card Call Center numbers below

CBI Credit Call Toll free Number is 1800222368 or 022-66387737, 66387743

Block CBI ATM Card in Cent Mobile

Log in to Cent Mobile App and look for Request for ATM (Debit) Card Blocking option and block the card. You can also see Request for Credit Card Blocking.

How to Block CBI Card in Net Banking

Log in to Internet Banking
Then Go to Cards Section
Then Block Debit Card and Select you Debit Card Number to be blocked.

Block Central Bank of India Debit Card in Branch

Visit your Home branch and fill an application to Block or Hotlist the ATM cum Debit Card and also request for new issuance of ATM card.

CBI Debit Card Fee and Charges

Below are Charges for the new ATM Cards and other issuances

For issuance of subsequent Additional Card/ add-on card is Rs. 100
For Re-issuance of Damaged or Lost or Stolen Cards Rs. 200
For Re-Generation of PINS from Branch Rs. 100
for Renewal fee for ATM Card Rs. 200

For Reinstated/Replacement of lost Credit Card Rs 100 is Charged.

Deblocking charges and Renewal Charges are Rs 100 for Credit card