How to Block Citi Bank Credit Card Debit Card or ATM Card

If you are a Citi bank and customer and your Citi Bank Credit Card, Debit Card or ATM Card has been Lost or stolen by someone then you can block your card and Request to re-issue card instantly and receive it hassle-free at your registered address with Citi bank.

Block Citi Bank Credit Card

There are 3 methods to block citi credit card or debit card

First Method and Faster Method:

  • Install Citi bank Mobile app
  • Log in to the App
  • And On Top left click on Settings icon
  • Look for Service Request Tab and Select Report Lost/Stolen option
  • Now choose the card type like credit/debit to block
  • Select the Reason like Stolen or Lost
  • And also Choose Yes For reissue of the card

Block Citi Bank Debit Card or Credit card

Block citi bank credit card

Second Method:

Call Citi bank 24*7 CitiPhone Numbers, You can block all Credit Cards and Suvidha account or salary account debit cards

Call Citi Priority Number 1860210284 Keep your account number or credit card number and Tpin or last 3 transactions amount ready before dialing.

Use +912249552484 for calling us from outside of India.

Third Method:

Log into Citibank Online
On the top right Find Quick Links select dropdown scroll and Select ‘Report Lost/Stolen card’ from the list
Follow the steps provided to block your card and re-issue a new one.

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