How to Block DCB Bank ATM Card
Block ATM Card

How to Block DCB Bank ATM Card Debit Card

If you have lost or Stolen your DCB Bank ATM Card or Debit Card then you need to block immediately by informing the bank. Once you have informed that your card has been lost or stolen, or your PIN or Password disclosed, you will not be responsible for any unauthorised use of your card after that time.

How to Block DCB Bank ATM Card

You can Block DCB ATM/Debit Card in below ways

Block DCB Bank ATM Card:
✔ By calling customer care
✔ By Email
✔ Blocking in DCB ATM’s
✔ By Visiting DCB Bank branch

Block DCB Bank ATM Card Customer Care Number

From your registered mobile number call DCB Bank Customer Care Toll Free Number 1800 209 5363 or 1800 123 5363 and get the card blocked.

Calling to 18002095363 or 18001235363 is free of charge.

Note: Before calling customer care keep ready your Bank account number, date of birth and other realted information.

How to Block DCB Bank ATM Card

Block DCB Bank Debit Card By Email

Send an email to below customer email address to block the lost or misused card immediately.

Upon sending you will get a confirmation for having blocked usage of the card promptly.

Email address :

Block DCB Bank ATM Card in ATM

Visit one of the 530 nearest DCB ATM and block the card by entering your account number and other details.

Block DCB Bank ATM/Debit Card in Branch

Visit one of the 323 branches of DCB bank ltd branch and write an application to block your ATM card and also ask for reissue of new ATM card.

What should I do if my DCB Prepaid Card is lost or stolen?

If your DCB Prepaid card is lost or stolen, Customer Care at 1800 209 5363 or 1800 123 5363