How to Block Karnataka Bank ATM Card
Block ATM Card Karnataka Bank

How to Block Karnataka Bank ATM Card Debit Card Credit Card

If you are a Karnataka Bank customer and has lost/stolen your Karnataka Bank ATM Card or Debit Card, Credit Card then now you can easily block the card in multiple ways, block or hotlist the card soon to misuse the card from fradualent transactions.

How to Block Karnataka Bank ATM Card

Below are mutliple ways to block the card but the best method to block the card immediately is sending an sms to block.

Block Karnataka Bank ATM Card

To block send an SMS from your registered mobile number to 9880654321 or 5676791.

Block your Karnataka Bank Debit Card Trhough SMS

Block Card Format – BLOCK XXXX and send sms to 9880654321 or 5676791

Where XXXX is the last 4 digits of the ATM or Debit card.

E.g., BLOCK 3036 sms to 9880654321

What to do if you have forgot the Debit card or ATM card number? simple you can call the 24*7 Karnataka bank customer care.

How to Block Karnataka Bank ATM Card

Block Karnataka Bank Debit Card

Block card by calling Customer Care:

Dial 1800-425-1444 or 18004251444 Karnataka Bank Toll Free Number or 08022021500 and tell them to hot-list or block the ATM card or Credit card.

Above method works for All Types of Below Mentioned Karnataka Bank ATM Cards:
Money Plant Debit Card
Image Debit Card
Kbl Travel Card
Kbl Gift Card
Kbl Deposit Only Card
Kbl Co-branded Credit Card
Visa Classic Debit Card
Visa International Debit Card
Rupay Classic Debit Card
Kbl Image Debit Card
Rupay International Platinum Debit Card
Rupay Pmjdy Debit Card
Rupay Kisan Debit Card
Moneyplant Rupay Mudhra Card
Visa Gold Debit Card

Block Karnataka Bank Credit Card

To Block your lost or stolen Credit card send sms as BLOCK XXXX to 5676791

Block Karnataka Bank ATM/Debit or Credit Card Online

Log in to Karnataka Bank Net banking and go to Settings and Find Hotlist Card option and block the card.

Block Karnataka Bank Debit/ATM Card On KBL App

You can also block the card on Mobile KBL App.

How to Request for a new ATM Card?

Visit the nearest or your Home Karnataka Branch fill and application and ask them for a new ATM/Debit Card.

You can also request a new card in Internet banking.

For all kinds of queries/problems/ suspected transaction, etc., the Mobile Banking Customer shall contact the nearest branch or the Customer Care Center, (Toll Free No. 1800 425 1444) Bangalore.

How to deactivate my Mobile banking services if I lost Mobile handset?

A customer, who has lost the mobile hand set should immediately inform/request the branch during the business hours or the customer care center after the business hours , over the telephone / or in person – to de-activate the mobile number from the Mobile Banking Link and it will be carried out on verifying the customer credentials . The application Form also provides for request to deactivate on loss of Mobile Handset.