How to Block Jio Sim phone number by customer care
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How to Block Lost Jio Sim Mobile Phone

If you have lost your Jio mobile network phone number either postpaid or prepaid then you need to block your Jio SIM card immediately in order to protect from fraud or mischievous usage, check below How to Block Jio Number.

How to Block Lost Jio Sim

Block Lost Jio Phone

There are 2 ways to block your Jio Sim by calling customer care and by visiting any Jio Store.

To block your Jio sim number call Jio customer care number 198. This number works only from other Jio phone numbers.

Once connected to the customer care executive request the service team to block your lost jio sim, he/she will ask few questions related to your jio number like last recharged number, recently called mobile numbers, etc., inform them and block the call.

Before calling the Jio customer care keep your Mobile information ready like your Name, Place details.

How to Block Jio Lost Sim phone number by customer care

Block Jio Number by Customer Care

If you are calling from any other mobile phone or landline then dial 1800-889-9999 and talk to JioCare customer care service.

You can contact JioCare team 24*7 everyday.

Block Jio Number Through Email

You can also do by emailing to

The best and faster/safer approach is to call JioCare and block Jio Number.

Block Jio Sim at Jio Store

Visit any JioStore and tell them that you lost your Jio Sim number and show your Id proof linked to your Jio number then request them to block.

To Get New Jio Sim or Replacement of lost/theft Jio Sim visit Jio store and submit documents then activate your Jio mobile number.

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