How to Change HDFC Credit Card Address Mobile Number and Email
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How to Change HDFC Credit Card Address Mobile Number and Email

If you have a HDFC Credit card and would like to change your correspondence address, mobile number or email address then follow below steps.

Change HDFC Credit Card Address

If Your HDFC BANK Credit card is due for Renewal or you want to change your address location on the card then you can do it by calling Phone banking customer care, by email or by sending an application form.

Best method is by sending application form

Visit this link

Then Select Credit Card -> Requests and Modifications then Choose How can I change Address on Credit card option and Submit

It will display a link where you can download the application form. Application Form Direct link

In the form you can change email address, mobile or phone numbers as well.

Fill up and send to:
Manager, HDFC Bank Cards Division,
PO BOX # 8654
Thiruvanmiyur PO
Chennai – 600 041.

Change Mobile number in HDFC Credit Card

In the application form enter the old mobile number and the new mobile number to update the new mobile number in your HDFC credit card.

How to Change HDFC Credit Card Address Mobile Number and Email

Change Email address in HDFC Credit card.

Enter the new email address in the application form to change or update email.

HDFC phone banking contact numbers:

Ahmedabad / Bengaluru / Chennai / Delhi & NCR / Hyderabad / Kolkata / Mumbai / Pune 6160 6161
West Bengal / Sikkim / Andaman and Nicobar 98310 73333
Andhra Pradesh 99494 93333
Meghalaya / Tripura / Nagaland / Mizoram / Arunachal Pradesh / Manipur (Toll – free from BSNL landline) 1800 345 3333
Assam 99571 93333
Bihar / Jharkhand (0612) 6160 616
Chandigarh / Kochi / Indore / Jaipur / Lucknow / Patna 6160 616
Maharashtra (except Mumbai) and Goa 98906 03333
Gujarat 98982 71111
Haryana 99962 43333
Jammu & Kashmir / Himachal Pradesh (Toll – free from BSNL landline) 1800 180 4333
Karnataka 99458 63333
Kerala 98956 63333
Madhya Pradesh / Chhattisgarh 98936 03333
Orissa 99379 03333
Tamil Nadu / Pondicherry 98406 73333
Punjab 98153 31111
Rajasthan 98750 03333
Uttar Pradesh / Uttarakhand 99359 03333