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How to Check Provident Fund Balance India

Before checking your Provident Balance, you should know your PF Number and Branch Name/Place, and follow below instructions on How to Check Provident Fund Balance india.

1. Go to this link and follow the instructions over there, or.

How to Check Provident Fund Balance

2. Go to this link to directly check your EPF Balance.


3. In first box fill the first number after slash and leave second blank as empty or fill with “000” if you don’t have only and in the third blank write the last digits of you Pf account number, the third box should have 7 digits if your PF account has less then keep 0000 in front of the number.

4. Name Box give your full name, give same name as your employer provided.

5. Give your currently using mobile number this is important because the PF Balance will come to your mobile, be careful here you should give only yours.

6. Fill all the details and submit, you will get details to your mobile number as mentioned by you.


Statename/region/7digits(first2 digits will be zero in some cases)/3 digits(will be 000 in some cases)/8digits(add extra 00’s if you have less).

Remember if you have less digits add 0’s in there.


E.G, of a PF Number AA/KK/12529/251/970


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