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How to Color Hair Properly and Hair Coloring Tips

We all want to change our hair looks to get better personality. Generally we do this by changing our hair color or by getting new haircuts. You can change the color of your hair easily by applying different techniques. Make sure you decide the color for your hair before going to a salon for hair coloring. There are many things which you need to take into consideration before going to the hair coloring. You can follow the below tips which will be very helpful for you.
  •  If you want your hair color to cover the grey, then you can keep the color shade as close to your natural color. By doing this your friends will never know if your hair is colored or not. It will look natural on your hair.
  • If you are a blonde, then you must try a shade or two lighter or darker. It will give you a change without any drastically changed.
  • If you want your hair to be unique, then choose a color you think will be better for you. Many people are going with vibrant yellows, blues and greens. Your job should allow you to have these vibrant colors before you start coloring your hairs. Some professions do not allow color hairs in their employees.
  • If you are not so fair, then dying your hair a dark color will be better for you. Sometimes these colors will make you appear washed out if you are going too dark.
  • Lighter colors can increase your dark skinned good looks, if you have a dark complexion. They can also make you a person suffering from jaundice. If you are having a dark skin with brown eyes, then you have to be very careful when lightening your hair.
  • If you want to get rid of from your red hair, then completely strip the hair to white and then apply color. This will be very harsh on your hair, otherwise after two weeks your hair will be showing the red.
  • The best way for you to color hair will be to talk to your stylist. They know the hair strengths of yours and know the weakness of your hair as well. They can easily make recommendations according to your choice and can keep your tresses healthy even after the change.
  • Never try to perm after a color. The chemicals present in the perming solution can lighten your hair color.
  • If you are using a henna hair color, then let it grow out before you start the process of coloring hair. If you are mixing the two things normally, then you will not see a good result.

Remember, if you have not decided or not sure at first about coloring hair, then it will be better for you to visit nearest salon. You can get many ideas from the professional colorist as they are expert in this field. Hair coloring can be loads of fun, but make sure you follow all the basic tips.