How to Delete Search History on Facebook Google Youtube

Yes just like Google, the Social media giant Facebook also saves the search history of a user. This is important too, now this post is all about how to delete search history on Facebook, Google and Youtube.

Follow below instructions to delete Search History of Facebook, Google and Youtube.

Delete Search History

How to Delete Search History on Facebook Google Youtube

Delete Facebook Search History

1. Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Go to Your Profile -> Click on Activity Log.

3. It will redirect to new page, now click on More Option.

4. Now Look for Search Option Tab in the bottom.

how to delete facebook search history

5. On the Top Click on Clear Search History, it will pop up and alert now click Clear Searches.

How to Delete Search History on Google

1. Sign in to your Google Account

2. Go to this url and select dates to remove search history.

3. Then choose the period to delete the search history of your Google account and save.

Delete Search History on Youtube

1. Go to, and on the left column look for History Tab.

2. Once you click on History Tab, it will show your Youtube search History now you can delete whatever you want.

Or go to this url to directl delete youtube search history

You can watch the complete Video on Youtube, on how to delete search history of Facebook, Google, & Youtube.